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Allen Chi

Allen Chi is a gaming consultant from Las Vegas with a passion for supporting and promoting the greater good through charity and philanthropy specifically in the areas of tech, education and gaming.

Tech and Gaming Charities

Allen Chi Gaming CharitySince his childhood, Allen Chi has been a strong believer in the power of gaming.  The challenges posed in video games call on players to adapt their problem solving skills in a unique manner.  This offers players a distinct opportunity to approach solutions differently, and “different” is exactly what the world needs right now.  With electronics and technology evolving at an exponential rate, entirely new worlds are opening up for the youngest generation. In Allen Chi’s view, fostering children’s interests in technology and gaming will help prepare them for tackling issues of the future.  That’s why he actively supports charities in these realms.


Gaming Charities

Extra Life

extra life gaming charityAccording to Allen Chi, the biggest name in charitable gaming is Extra Life.  Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has worked with thousands of gamers to raise over $40 million to benefit hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network.  Extra Life strives to support sick and injured kids while encouraging gamers to embrace the strength in coming together as a community.

Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick is an organization which hosts “speedrunning” game tournaments and events to benefit various charities.  Speedrunning is the act of racing to complete a game as quickly as possible. The events are centered around professional gamers, who race to the finish line with a donor’s desires in mind.  Gamers stream their gaming marathons in an effort to promote awareness of a specific cause, and call on viewers to donate to the event’s particular charity. When donating, viewers have the opportunity to dictate a player’s selections and choices in-game.  Games Done Quick is something like a web-based telethon hosted by gamers.

Tech Charities

Girls Who Code

This coding-centered organization strives to demolish the mentality that computer programming is a field for men.  Girls Who Code works to boost the confidence of middle school and high school girls who are interested in pursuing careers in the world of technology.  The organization integrates programs that encourage girls to advance in mathematics and computer science.

One Laptop Per Child

one laptop per child20 years ago, owning a home computer was a unique privilege.  Today, not owning a computer poses major disadvantages, especially for children in school.  The internet provides seemingly limitless learning opportunities to all children, no matter where they are located.  One Laptop Per Child relies on this notion to provide educational opportunities to children globally. The organization works to supply children all over the world with low-cost and low-power computers.



Water Charities

Allen Chi Water Charity

Additionally, Allen Chi is also looking into more widespread, global issues including access to clean, safe water for individuals and families around the world. Some of the charities he supports and fundraises with are listed below:

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