Allen Chi Scholarships & Sponsorships

As a gaming consultant, Allen Chi is working to provide youth and teens with unique opportunities in eSports and gaming through sponsorship and scholarship programs.

Apply today for the 2020 Allen Chi Gaming Scholarship Opportunity.

Allen Chi Sponsorship and Scholarship

eSports have existed for nearly 20 years, with presence expanding across the past 5 years. The world of competitive gaming is creeping up in the college sphere, offering gamers new opportunities. A supporter of education and gaming, Allen Chi is proud of the partnership brewing in these two realms.

When Allen introduces himself to non-gamers as a Gaming Consultant, he is often met with puzzled expressions. The confused will ask me if he defeats animated monsters for teenagers. That’s the biggest misconception about Allen Chi’s profession: the idea that all gamers are teenagers. The reality is, gamers exist in all age groups.  From toddlers to teenagers and young adults to senior citizens — gamers game no matter their age! With the rise of eSports champions as valid professionals, the rest of the world is finally coming to that realization. The stereotype of a lazy, unmotivated young adult caked in Cheetos and dwelling in his parents’ basement is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Gamers are achieving greatness, with top earners raking in larger stacks of cash than even professional athletes. The rising success of professional gamers is showing people, once and for all, that gamers are anything but lazy and unmotivated:  they’re unstoppable.

As non-gamers greet this evolving perspective, the educational realm is following suit. Colleges are embracing champions of the digital world by backing eSports as a program worth pursuing. Multi-player eSports teams are rising to the challenge of validating their pastime, rubbing elbows with long-respected college athletes who champion more conventional sports teams. As of 2018, more than 85 colleges and universities maintain eSports teams that compete nationally in ESPN-broadcasted events. The world is starting to realize that gamers are gifted — and collegiate institutions are catching on to that notion, too.

Allen Chi Education

In fact, accredited colleges across the nation are starting to prove that it pays to game. Scholarships for gamers are on the rise. And although the bulk of these scholarships are school-specific, as a supporter of education and gaming, Allen Chi thinks that this is a beautiful step in the right direction. Chi himself plans to provide his own scholarship and sponsorship opportunities for gamers in 2020. Here’s a list of current college scholarships available exclusively to gamers:

  • Southwest Baptist University eSports Scholarship
  • Stephens College eSports Scholarship for Women
  • University of California – Irvine eSports Scholarship
  • University of Utah League of Legends Scholarship
  • Maryville University eSports Participation Award
  • Indiana Tech eSports Scholarship
  • Gamers Helping Gamers Scholarship

And the list just keeps on growing!

Allen Chi is excited to see where this education-gaming partnership will lead. It’s about time the rest of the world embraces gamers and the professional potential of their dextrous abilities.

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